Gay marriage is illegal?

Gay marriage in the church of England is illegal?  I really disagree with this.. People should be able to marry whoever they want. Its their own choice who they marry, and nobody should be able to change that.  I don’t see why it is illegal that the same sex gets married? I wonder if it is just a religion in that church? Not only this church will be banned from offering same sex marriages the government had said, The church in Wales is also banned from same sex marriages too.  There are many different rules and plans for same sex marriage too, I don’t think they need to have rules and plans for same sex marriage. Gay marriage should be just the same as when a woman and man get married. I wonder if they have something against gay people? or something like that because it seems like that to me. What is your opinion about this article? and what do you think of gay marriage?





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Deadly Cellphone you Have Here!

                 A Korean man was killed by an exploding cellphone on Wednesday.  His LG mobile had melted into his shirt pocket. It is crazy that a little hand held device that small can kill someone! I am wondering how it had melted? did it have something in it to melt or was it too hot? I don’t know! It is kind of scary too because there is a lot of people out there that have cellphones and hopefully that doesn’t happen to more people.

             This guy was just working on a construction site and was found by one of  his coworkers. He was bleeding from his nose, the blast of the phone was powerful enough to break his spine and a few ribs… ouch that sounds like it hurts!  There were still more deaths from exploding cellphones too.

 I think they should maybe stop making these kinds of phones becuse by the sounds of it these ohones are nothing but trouble!









How rude?!

Bullying to me is stupid, Like why do it?  Do you want someone to take their own lives? Hurt themselves? do drugs and other bad things? Thats pretty much what happens when someone is bullied badly.  Some people dont think before they do things, What if the person you are bullying is already having a bad time or something like that? You arent going to make it any better, you are just going to make it worse! For example: Amanda Todd, Lives in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. She had taken her own life  because she was bullied so badly! I will tell you some of  the things I know about her story. She would go on webcam with some of her friends. … then they asked her to flash. So she did.  They had sent the picture to other people but she didn’t know… the next day when she went to school people were giving her looks and teasing her but she didnt know why. When she had found out she was pretty upset with them. Then there were a lot more things that happened… Then she had begun cutting and she also drank bleach!… People at school were telling her to go drink more bleach! She had made a video  on September 7th 2012 on Youtube of her story that is more detailed and has more of the story! This goes to show what bullies are doing to people and what can happen!


Bye Bye Kitty!

One Saturday night.. A woman and her daughter had found the remains of.. A cat that will killed by a firework. The firework had been strapped to the cat’s back!  and set off.  They say the cat died  immediately, But nobody knows for sure. My opinion about this is, I really don’t think the person that did this is very nice!  I wonder what they were thinking when they were doing it? I am also wondering If they regret doing it.

If you want more information about this go to the two links I have for you here!

Things we have in common and things we dont have in common

I am like Melissa M and Brayden C.  Me and Melissas are alike because we both like pretty little liars and the Hunger games, and hanging out with out friends. Me and Brayden are alike because we are good at making people laugh lol and we like hanging out.  I am not alike Bianca K and Brenden H. I am not like Bianca because she has 4 sheep I have 2 cats, and she doesn’t play and instrument i play the fiddle. I am not like Brenden because he has 4 cats I have 2, and he doesn’t play an instrument I do.

My life

Hi, my name is Holly. I am 12 years old and I live in Snow Lake. My school is called Josheph H Kerr. I love hanging out withall of  my friends. In the summer I like to swim, walk around, and hang out. In the winter there are many more things to do. I like to go sliding, Skidooing, skating, and hang out. I got a new skidoo last year and I got another one just like the other one.  In Mr. Fisher’s class we are talking with the kids from Wingham. I have met some of the kids but not all of them. It is very fun getting to meet new people form other school’s.